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Recently, CEO of Education Centre of Australia, Rupesh Singh had the unique opportunity of meeting the Hon. Prime Minister Scott Morrison at the Tom Hughes Oration dinner where the PM addressed multiple topics around strengthening border security, immigration, and economic progress for Australia. His thoughts around supporting businesses and communities especially through better education, agriculture, health and hospitality, were well received by all gathered at the event.

“Education is a key driver of economic growth and success. And the higher education sector in Australia, and the world over, stands at the cusp of tremendous change,” said Rupesh Singh.


Rupesh raised some of the key issues with the Prime Minister that impact higher education industry currently. He also discussed opportunities for further international collaboration and huge benefits to the Australian economy and society.

Mr. Singh added, “As an institution that facilitates the delivery of quality higher education, ECA plays the role of an active catalyst in bringing about this change. We have great opportunities before us and even greater responsibilities.”

Rupesh Singh had previously met with Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his last visit to India, where they discussed higher education in India plus various sport training opportunities and Smart City concepts. In addition, he was able to highlight the challenges of the goods and services tax (GST) faced by Indian education agents and the confusion that exists around additional applied tax on overseas education.


“All of these factors influence the future and delivery of higher education especially at a global level,” said Mr. Singh who is keen to ensure that the significant role of private education and international students gets the necessary attention from Canberra. “After all, education is Australia’s largest service export and the largest renewable export,” he said.

In his response, Prime Minister upheld Australia as one of the most successful multicultural nations in the world today - progressive, inclusive and diverse. He concluded that there are immense opportunities for forward-thinking organisations like ECA that want to make the world a better place, making quality education accessible for all.